Beautiful Girangaon decoration by Parag Sawant


Beautiful Girangaon decoration by Parag Sawant

It’s not just any random festival. It’s a feeling.. feeling of excitement, feeling of being blessed, feeling of enthusiasm, feeling of liveliness…!!!

Mumbai has a very unique way of celebrating this festival with eye-catching lights, breathtaking decorations and everything just make you feel awestruck! Mumbai- with its rooting culture of chawls has set up immense uniqueness to this Ganesh Festival. One such peculiar chawls to remember is of Girangaon.

Ohh.. did you get nostalgic too?? Or even not, have you felt your heartbeats increasing suddenly?? Because imagining a beautiful Ganesh idol in the center of chawl with lots of enthusiasm filled around is a different level feeling!!

This year, the picture is little different. Corona has limited the concept of Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav. But yes, there is an interesting person who has made us live the moments of Ganeshotsav with his beautiful creation!!

A beautiful Ganesh idol with its eyes sparkling with joy; its background is surrounded by a makhar resembling chawl. So much perfection that for a moment you feel as if you are standing in the scenario itself!

Maybe you have seen the viral videos, photos of this amazing creation. But there are lots of efforts beyond this popularity. This idea was struck only because Parag’s heart is very close to this culture. I am sure when he decided to do this he must have only thought of serving this beautiful environment to bappa, but yes Bappa is so happy to bring him fame.
Efforts and dedication of several days (and nights of course!) Its beauty is beyond words!!! Thank you Parag for bringing to us a very selfless artwork, connecting our souls to simplicity, devotion and art!

The detailing is beyond words….!!
Ukdiche modak in front of Ganpati, 3 floored chawl, people standing and praying, one child sitting of father’s shoulder, ladders, chappals in front of doors…🙌🏼

There’s more than this..
There is a Ganpati sitting in a room on the first floor!!!!!😍😍😍
One room has TV on inside, one room shows complete kitchen with all the utensils!

Do have a look..!!

   And yes, we are excited for next year too…! 

Girangaon Ganpati Decoration - Parag Sawant

Finally प्रत्यक्षात पाहण्याचा योग आला!!!! 😍😍😍😍
@parag__sawant च्या घरचा बाप्पा 😊🙏गिरणगावातील चाळ
आणि साकारणार कलाकार!! 😍😍
प्रत्यक्षात पाहून नि:शब्द आहे मी! 😀
खूप खूप मेहनत आहे ह्या मागे!!
Hats off to you and entire team!!!🙌
Viral का झालं ह्यात तीळमात्र ही शंका नाही..!
They deserve it all..
कलेतून बाप्पाची भक्ती केली आणि बाप्पा ने आशीर्वाद दिला! ❤️
कारण हे पाहताच ह्यामागची मेहनत, केलेलं निरीक्षण सगळं काही दिसतेय😍😍

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