What to do in lockdown? – song review (Kya baat hai!)

What to do in lockdown -Kya baat hai!

Kya baat hai - Song Review


If you are finding what to do in lockdown period. Here is the answer.

We have already been in lockdown for the last 2-3 months. What to do in lockdown is the answer we all are searching for. Right from nurturing our hobbies, reading, trying new recipes we have done all of it and at the end uttered the words- getting bored.

Also, the songs we listen to are so much on the loop that we have almost searching for something new.
So here is something new, soothing to your ears, and visuals from which you can’t take your eyes off!

तुझे मैं पुकारू….
तो क्या बात है!

Kya baat hai - Song Review


A very catchy song (ghazal) on the internet in these lockdown days. Very beautifully penned down by Abhijeet Gaikwad, mesmerizing music by Samir Saptiskar, and vocals by Mandar Pilwalkar.

The musical buddies got themselves engrossed in music in this lockdown to serve to us the fabulous song which can be continuously on our mind.

The most interesting thing about the song are the visuals.

Stop motion!!!

Kya baat hai - Song Review

It is so well animated that you can’t help but get amazed! The small dolls, tiny house with sunrays brightening up the scenario; twinkling stars, tissue beds; that’s really very interesting right?

Why not see it yourself??
So here i am sharing the link of the song.

क्या बात है! (Kya baat hai)

Do listen to it, enjoy!
Stay happy, live musical!!!


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